re:Source is more than a farm.

Our Mission:
Re:Source is a farm sanctuary that exists to reconnect humanity to themselves, each other, the Land, and the more-than-human communities that populate our bioregion.

Our vision is to create a community that is connected and joyful. We foster a welcoming environment for all (especially the marginalized and oppressed) to come explore their best selves through workshops, events, and other hosted activities.

We value:
o Closed-loop agricultural practices that maintain and increase the fertility and healthful longevity of the Land.
o The creative and positive perspectives of traditionally marginalized and oppressed people as bringing something unique and precious to the table.
o We respect all life and work to give it a Voice. Our communal decision-making processes center around open and non-violent communication, non-hierarchical power structures, and intentional participation. When we listen and respect one another that includes other-than-human Voices when deciding right practices on the Land.
We value play, joy, leisure, and personal enjoyment as sacred- equally with the hard work of farming and building infrastructure and community.

The beings who live, love, and work here.

The island of misfit toys

top to bottom, left to right:
Aaron: cultivator and dream enabler
Corum: facilities, food and beverage at Market on Main, and production for Haven Herbs
Lily: general manager at Market on Main, herbalist at Haven Herbs
Oberyn: production chef and magic maker
Rowan: livestock wrangler, resident teen, unschooler
Avian-Americans: Budge McFudge, Greenbean, Bird MacGurd, Tengu, Tallulah
Flockington residents: chickens, ducks, and geese (too many names to list!)
Fourfoots: Gwyn, Ana, Ginny, Nyx, Monster, Grimalkin, Moose

Stay in touch, y'all!